Notizen zum Vortrag "Surfen im Netz oder Tauchen ins Glück? - Suchtgefahren durch Internet, Social Media und Maßnahmen zum bewussten Umgang"

Hier sind einige Notizen zu meinen Recherchen für meinen Vortrag für die akademische islamische Studentengemeinde IRAB e.V.  "Surfen im netz oder Tauchen ins Glück? - Suchtgefahren durch Internet, Social Media" und Maßnahmen zum bewussten Umgang":

Flow, the secret to happiness

In the orchard a Sufi inclined his face Sufi fashion upon his knee,
and sank deeply into mystical absorption.
An rude man nearby became annoyed:
“Why are you sleeping?” he exclaimed.
Look at the vines, behold the trees and the signs of God’s mercy.
Pay attention to the Lord’s command:
Look ye and turn your face toward these signs of His mercy.”
The Sufi replied,

“O heedless one, the true signs are within the heart:
that which is external is only the sign of the signs.”
The real orchard and vineyards are within the very essence of the soul:

the reflection upon that which is external
is like a reflection in running water.
In the water only a reflected image of the orchard
quivers with the water’s subtle movement.
The real orchards and fruit flourish within the heart:
the reflection of their beauty
falls upon the water and earth of this world.
If this world were not merely the reflection
of that delectable cypress, the heart of the saint,
then God would not have called it the abode of deception.
Oh happy is the one who has died before death,
for he has become acquainted with the origin of this vineyard.[IV, 1358-66;72]



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